SymmetricDS Pro is software for data replication, change data capture, and data transformation in a heterogeneous enterprise environment. Performance and scalability allow it to replicate thousands of databases asynchronously in near real time. With flexible configuration and powerful scripting and programming interfaces, it can be extended to meet a range of requirements. Based on the popular open source version of SymmetricDS, the Pro edition enhances the experience with a click-through installer, Web management console, and production support.

Both files and databases are now synced using a common configuration. Support for Sybase ASE and ASA was added. Screens now allow multiple batch selection. The installer was improved to make SSL setup easy. The initial load can now span multiple batches and extract in the background for better performance with large tables

SymmetricDS Pro – Freecode

SymmetricDS Pro 3.5.0-0806_symmetricds-pro_3.5.0.gif