BEJY is a modular server application. It is packaged, by default, as a Web application container and mail server with SSL. It has functionality similar to inetd, and has some helper classes/functions to ease the implementation of new protocols. It provides a generic multithreaded TPC/IP server implementation with optional SSL support, covering the complete connection and thread management. Each supported service provides its protocol implementation. The current version comes with HTTP, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP protocol implementations. The HTTP protocol implementation also contains a servlet engine, a JSP 1.2 engine, a handler to invoke CGI, and other useful things. The mail protocols require a database using JDBC, as MySQL, MSSQL, and others.

This is a maintenance release. The thread scheduler now uses a "sample and hold" mechanism to keep more waiting threads for a while. The HTTP implementation now supports a "not partial" transfer mode. The chunked transfer mode has been fixed. Email Login now has an increasing delay after login errors. IMAP SEARCH has been fixed to return wanted results, instead of all.

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