iLabs mobile toolbox is a set of libraries and demo applications for J2ME. It includes libraries for XMPP, HTML for limited rendering and browsing, and feed reading. The OpenMiniBrowser demo application is a useful but limited Web browser. It is intended to be embedded in other applications but may also be used as a standalone browser.


Errors have been removed and the architecture enhanced. There is better error handling. Documentation has been added and enhanced. Several working applications are included, which can also function as examples. This release has been extensively tested for various phones and works on CLDC 1.0. The Sony Ericsson JP-5, 6, 7, and 8 and the Nokia S40, S60, and HTC have been tested. Known issues include a problem where on the Nokia S60 CLDC 1,0 (Nokia 6600) the MarkupReader class skips characters for unknown reasons. HTC on some devices has no support for the JavaME multimedia API and hence no support for the camera.