JASA is a high-performance auction simulator. It is designed for performing experiments in agent-based computational economics. It implements variants of the double-auction market, which is commonly used to run real-world market places such as stock exchanges. It is designed to be highly extensible so that other types of auctions can easily be implemented. The software also provides a base classes for implementing simple adaptive trading agents.

Modifications were made for compatibility with JABM 0.8. A scaling attribute was introduced into LinearCombinationForecaster. The chiarellaAndIori model was split into separate bean configuration files. Deprecated examples were removed. FourHeapOrderHeap no longer checks heap integrity by checking heap constraints. The direction (buy/sell) of trading strategies is now encapsulated in the DirectionPolicy interface. This will break source compatibility with trading strategies implemented in previous versions of JASA

JASA – Freecode

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