JABM is a Java API for developing agent-based simulation models using a discrete-event simulation framework. It has a simple architecture in which agents are represented using plain-old Java objects (POJOs). Simulations are configured via dependency injection using the industry-standard Spring framework, thus allowing attributes of any object in the simulation to be specified as random variables to be drawn from a specified distribution without having to write any Java code. Attributes of any object can be specified as independent variables or treatments with a given range of values, and experiments with different treatments can be easily parallelized using, for example, SGE.

The Javadoc was expanded. Empirical game-theoretic analysis is now implemented by GameTheoreticSimulationController. Population no longer maintains a size attribute; this is handled solely by AgentList. commons-math was updated to 3.2 and Spring to 3.2.3. The repository was migrated to Github

JABM – Freecode

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