CloverETL is Java-based tool/framework for data integration and creation of data transformations. It is component based and follows the concept of transformation graphs which consist of individual nodes/components performing simple (or complex) operations on data. Any transformation can be defined as a set of interconnected nodes through which data flows. CloverETL can be used as a standalone application or be embedded into a larger project.

This release fixed problems where jobs on server could get stuck and couldn't be killed via the server GUI, the Data_Intersection component dropped data silently, an NPE occurred when data flowed from JSONReader to ExtHashJoin and both components were in the same phase, Checkconfig on DBOutputTable caused JNDI connections to not be released, and SORT_WITHIN_GROUPS outputted more records than records on input

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CloverETL 3.4.1-0707_cloveretl_3.4.1.png