edtFTPj/PRO is a Java library that performs secure file transfers. It supports FTPS (FTP over SSL), both explicit and implicit modes, and SFTP (FTP via SSH). It also supports asynchronous transfers and FTP connection pools. All major FTP operations are supported, including both active and passive modes. It provides a progress monitor interface, allowing applications to receive progress updates for their file transfers. The library is built on the open source edtFTPj and shares its API. It is compatible with Android 1.5 and above.

Performance of SecureFileTransferClient in retrieving connections from a pool was improved. SSLFTPClient.setClientCertificate now allows a certificate chain to be supplied. SSHFTPKeyException was added. Certificates with SHA384withECDSA public keys are now not loaded in SSLFTPCertificateStore (instead of failing). A bug in the reconnect() method for implicit mode was fixed (was calling auth()). SSLCertificateVerify no longer throws a ClassCastException

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