SCaVis is an environment for scientific computation, data analysis, and data visualization designed for scientists, engineers, and students. The program can be used for function and data plotting in 2D and 3D, histograms, statistical analysis, and symbolic calculations using the Matlab/Octave high-level interpreted language.

The tab key has been fixed in the editor. ScaVis porto (SCaVis for small-screen computers) is fixed. Auto-update can be done for Scavis IDE. java.jar is in lib/jehep The intro windows have been corrected. The help system based on the [F4] key has been fixed. Linear algebra packages have been enhanced with the inclusion of EJML package. Tutorials have been added. Common math is updated to version 3.2 Online jar repositories for the community and pro versions are separate.

SCaVis – Freecode

SCaVis 1.1-0630_scavis_1.1.png