The Big Faceless Graph Library is a Java class library for creating graphs and charts. It is backed by a full 3D engine, allowing you to create shaded 3D pie, bar, and line graphs as GIF, PDF, PNG, or other image formats. Its features include transparent backgrounds, extensible axes to graph dates, currencies, custom fonts, and spline curve fitting. It is small, fast, and easy to use.


The FunctionLineSeries has been modified slightly: there is a now a "complete" method for subclasses, and the "setLineSeries" method can retrieve the data from a LineSeries. A matching "series" attribute in the XML has been added. Labels on MultiBar graphs are correctly positioned. NaN values can be used in BoxWhisker series. The Graph Library can now be licensed using a license file.

URL: Create Graphs and Charts - Java Graph Library by BFO