JFtp is a Swing Java network and file transfer client. It supports FTP using its own FTP API and various other protocols like SMB, SFTP, NFS, HTTP, and file I/O using third party APIs. It includes many advanced features such as recursive directory up/download, browsing FTP servers while transferring files, FTP resuming and queueing, browsing the LAN for Windows shares, and more. The FTP API is separated from the GUI and can also be used in third-party applications. It should ideally be launched in a Web browser via Java Web Start (contained by the Java 1.4 plugin), but can also be started locally.

This release adds "clear" and "scroll lock" to the log panel, updates jsch to v1.49, fixes some rss feed exceptions, and brings some UI improvements to various dialogs.

JFtp – Freecode

JFtp  1.57-0526_jftp_1.57.png