Blue Mind is a messaging and collaboration platform. It offers scalable shared messaging, calendars and contacts with advanced mobility (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.), and Outlook and Thunderbird connectivity support. Designed with simplicity as a goal, it uses Web 2.0 technologies with a Javascrit UI, offline Web capability, and a Web-services-oriented pluggable architecture.

This release fixed some triggers on fresh Debian installs, offers the full backup API and allows a backup host to be set, enhanced the LDAP import plugin, fixed an AD sync memory leak, improved LMTP caching, allows imported ICS to be up to 10 MB in size, fixed some Mac browser compliance problems, fixed sharing of address books with a group, fixed click-to-call with some phone number formats, and fixed other things in the Thunderbird add-on, init scripts, and many modules

Blue Mind – Freecode

Blue Mind 2.0.1-0601_blue-mind_2.0.1.png