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    Default PDF to TIFF Conversion & Control Signature Appearance on PDF Form Fields

    What is new in this release?

    This most recent version of Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java 4.6.0 has been released. In this release version, we have specifically focused on fixing issues regarding PDF to Image conversion. The Conversion of PDF to TIFF format is greatly improved with great fidelity. It also includes controlling the appearance of empty signature PDF form fields. Furthermore, PdfFileMend and PdfFiledEditor classes are also improved. Below is the list of main improved features added in this release

    - Control the appearance of empty signature PDF form fields
    - Bottom of text cut off using addText in PdfFileMend is fixed
    - In PDF to Image conversion, resultant image shows V instead of e is fixed
    - PDF to TIFF conversion issue is resolved
    - PDF to TIFF: Resultant image has black background is now fixed
    - PDF to TIFF: Text garbled on resultant file is resolved in this release
    - PDF to TIFF: Black rectangles appearance in resultant image are fixed
    - PDF to TIFF: Exception during conversion process is resolved
    - PDF to TIFF: Black rectangles appearing on image are fixed
    - NullPointerException raised while importing XML data to Pdf template(form)
    - PDF to TIFF : Black boxes appearing in resultant image are fixed
    - PdfFileEditor.extract - the resultant file is now corrected
    - PDF to Image - Garbled results are improved
    - PDF to Image - Garbled Text in resultant image file is fixed
    - File can now be deleted after extracting text
    - PdfFileSignature locks input File is now fixed

    Newly added documentation pages and articles

    Some new tips and articles have now been added into Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java documentation that may guide you briefly how to use Aspose.Pdf.Kit for performing different tasks like the followings.

    - Converting a FDF to XML format
    - Find whether PDF file contains images or text only

    Overview: Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java

    Aspose.Pdf.Kit is a Java component for PDF document manipulation of both windows & web based Java applications that allow developers to edit existing PDF documents. Main features include; Filling XFA fields in PDF, creating PDF document link, font style, modifying AcroForm, extracting and adding Images and text, getting and modifying meta information of PDF file, encrypting or decrypting a PDF file, Adding watermark or logo, append pages and converting PDF file to a single Tiff file or XML file.

    More about Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java

    - Homepage of Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java [/url]
    - Download Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java
    - Product Overview and Features for Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java
    - Online documentation of Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java
    - Demos of Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java
    - Post your technical questions/queries to Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java Forum
    - Receive notifications about latest news and supported features by subscribing to Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java blog

    Contact Information

    Aspose Pty Ltd, Suite 163,
    79 Longueville Road
    Lane Cove, NSW, 2066
    Aspose - The .NET and Java component publisher
    Phone: 888.277.6734
    Fax: 866.810.9465
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