GeoServer connects your information to the Geospatial Web. With GeoServer, you can publish and edit data using open standards. Your information is made available in a large variety of formats as maps/images or actual geospatial data. GeoServer's transactional capabilities offer robust support for shared editing. It supports WFS-T and WMS open protocols from the OGC to produce JPEG, PNG, SVG, KML/KMZ, GML, PDF, Shapefiles, GeoRSS, JSON, and more. It is built on the GeoTools2 Java GIS toolkit.


This is a stable release containing over 30 patches and improvements since 1.6.2. One of the more visible additions is support for watermarking. Coverage reprojection now works much better. KML generation has been optimized (faster and with less memory consumption), especially when dealing with geometries. The SRS list can be limited in the WMS capabilities.

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