License4J is a total solution for software product licensing. It provides Java libraries and GUI tools for generating and validating license keys, license text, and floating license files. It is designed to be easy to use and integrate in your application. A License Manager GUI is provided for generating and storing licenses, and a Floating License Server can host and serve created floating licenses. An Online.License4J System allows single or multiple license activations to be defined. It also supports license generation through HTTP post either from a payment processor or a custom script.

Licenses are now stored in a database. Derby, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MS SQL Server are supported. License template support was added. A new license type was implemented: basic 25 character license keys. Auto license generation through the HTTP post method is supported. A license activation feature is now available with the Online.License4J system. Products and product categories can be created. Searching for any license string is now possible The GUI was completely changed for easy navigation between products. The runtime and development library were changed for easy integration. All generated license text is now encrypted

License4J – Freecode

License4J 4.0-0521_license4j_4.0.gif