Helma is a Web application framework for fast and efficient scripting and serving of Web sites and Internet applications. Helma employs JavaScript for its server-side scripting environment, removing the need for compilation cycles and reducing development costs while giving you instant access to leverage the whole wealth of Java libraries out there. Helma offers simple and codeless mapping of application objects to database tables. In addition, an embedded object-oriented database performs automatic data persistence of unmapped objects.


This version adds req.uri and req.actionHandler to better support continuation and callback functionality. It contains a new Rhino snapshot from 2008-02-05 with the default JavaScript language version now set to 1.7. Support for JSAdapter was added. Several bugs were fixed, including some related to starting and stopping applications, one that kept repositories from working when deploying Helma through Tomcat, and some related to debugging Helma applications.

URL: Helma - Javascript Web Application Framework