Talend Open Studio is an ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) tool. Talend Open Studio can perform jobs that range from datawarehouse feeding to database synchronization, as well as file format transformations. Its graphical interface is made with Eclipse RCP, and data related scripts are generated in Perl or Java. The application was designed to be extended with components written by users.


Features that were added for both Perl and Java include the ability to run a child job in a specific version, to list an Excel sheet by name or position, row sampling, a file existence check, SQLite connection sharing, and access to the ID that was last inserted by MySQL. Features added for Perl include subjobs in parallel, chronometers, country lookup from IP, faster Excel reading, file properties, SCD in ELT mode, Apache log reading, RSS reading and writing, and a faster positional file writer. Features added for Java include a database cursor, MSSQL/JDBC/Sybase connection sharing, and a MaxDB connector. Graphical highlighting was added on subjobs.

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