Snippetory is a general Java template engine based on passive templates. In passive templates, template code and logic are clearly separated from each other. The templates contains very simple mark up. By removing logic, templates are directly accessible, fully parametrized, and free of context, and can easily be reused. Navigation, code competition, and structuring of the code with methods and classes are supported.

The new conditional regions make it simple to express things like optional HTML attributes: By saying ${title="$title"}$, the whole title attribute is only rendered when there is data for the title. The formatters have extended and are now able to expose properties (i.e., to take additional data) and to have several attributes. The new Fluyt syntax family provides similar syntaxes for integration into different contexts.

Snippetory – Freecode

Snippetory 0.9.5-0514_snippetory_0.9.5.png