CERTivity is a powerful multi-platform visual tool for creating, managing, and handling different key store types (such as JKS, JCEKS, PKCS12, the Bouncy Castle types BKS and UBER, and Windows Native), public, private and secret keys in different formats (PKCS, OpenSSL, RSA/DSA, etc.), certificates (version 1 and 3), and certificates chains. It allows you to import and export keys, key pairs and certificates, manage certificate extensions, extend the validity period for self-signed certificates, test certificates, obtain revocation status, convert from one key store type to another, and much more.

Signing certificates and acting as a testing CA can now be achieved in just two clicks. Trust validation customization, certificate chain editing, viewing CRLs from files, from URLs, or directly from the certificate details, viewing of CSR files, new signature algorithms for Key Pair/CSR and for Secret Key generation, and file type inspection were added. More fingerprints are available in the Certificates Details sections. Quick search was added in the KeyStore panel. Drag and drop was implemented for certificates, CRLs, CSRs, and KeyStores

CERTivity KeyStores Manager – Freecode

CERTivity KeyStores Manager 1.2-0514_certivity-keystores-manager_1.2.png