TAU (Tuning and Analysis Utilities) is a set of tools for analyzing the performance of C, C++, Fortran and Java programs. It collects much more information than is available through prof or gprof, the standard Unix utilities, including per-process, per-thread, and per-host information, inclusive and exclusive function times, profiling groups that allow you to organize data collection, access to hardware counters on some systems, per-class and per-instance information, the ability to separate data for each template instantiation, start/stop timers for profiling arbitrary sections of code, and support for collection of statistics on user-defined events.


This release added tracking for MPI-I/O, support for Perfexplorer 2 with atomic events, a Jython interface, support for PAPI-C non-CPU native events, and support for Scalasca 1.x, GCC 4.3.x, IBM BG/P -BGPTIMERS, and metadata. The Eclipse/PTP plugin was updated. Updates were made for Mac OS X. TAU was refactored.

URL: http://www.cs.uoregon.edu/research/p.../tau/tautools/