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Thread: rxtx 2.1-4

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    Default rxtx 2.1-4

    rxtx is a native library for serial and parallel communication in Java. It provides a portable implementation of Sun's JavaCOMM standard, and runs on various Unixes, Mac OS X, BeOS, Microsoft Windows and others.

    Bugfixes resulting from third party QA tests, and multiple extensions for custom needs.

    rxtx – Freecode

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    Default Re: rxtx 2.1-4

    I am having some problems using RXTX and it seems the main site that is linked to from everywhere is down. It is

    Is there a forum somewhere that can help me?

    My specific problem is I am using a program (SimpleRead) to find my ports and it doesn't find the comports that windows (XP) and BlueTooth Devices finds. Especially the one I need to use.

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