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    Default Javonet 1.0 - JAVA to .NET bridge | Use any .NET library in JAVA

    What is javOnet?

    Javonet is new, cutting edge technology delivering very easy JAVA to .NET bridge with high flexibility and very short setup time. With Javonet you can use any .NET library in your JAVA application and build JAVA application with WPF or WinForms interface.

    When to use Javonet?

    Javonet is applicable in any heterogeneous environment when JAVA application needs to integrate with .NET library with high performance and lowest effort:
    - connecting to existing .NET system without client-server or webservices infrastructure
    - using .NET integration, encryption, business logic libraries
    - using .NET framework in JAVA application
    - building JAVA application with WPF or WinForms interface
    - reusing .NET business logic for legacy system in new JAVA based layer
    - accessing advanced .NET libraries (trading, cryptography, grid computing) with high performance from JAVA application

    What can I do with javonet?

    Javonet allows you to quickly load and utilize any .NET library without any changes on .NET side. Usage is very simple and based on very powerful API with fluent reflection-style syntax. With javonet you can:
    - initialize .NET objects
    - call static methods or set/get static fields and properties
    - call instance methods or set/get instance fields and properties
    - subscribe .NET events
    - pass value and reference type arguments
    - retrieve methods results
    - handle .NET exceptions
    - and much more...

    Read our quick start guide for more details: Quick Start Guide | javOnet

    Sample usage

    Code snippet below depicts how to utilize .NET random class in JAVA application using Javonet:
    Java Code:
    public void GenerateRandomNumber() throws JavonetException 
            NObject objRandom = Javonet.New("System.Random");
            int value = objRandom.invoke("Next",10,20);
    For more samples please check tutorials section:
    Tutorials | javOnet

    Want to see Javonet in action?

    Please watch our presentation video:
    Javonet - The Best JAVA to .NET bridge! Use any .NET library in JAVA - YouTube

    And check our homepage for more details:
    javOnet | Interoperability made easy

    If you find this component interesting please don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook so we can keep you updated with latest news:
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