JSqsh is a Java reimplementation of a console based (i.e. non-graphical) database query tool called sqsh. Jsqsh combines the ability to run SQL queries against any database with a JDBC driver along with much of the functionality of a Unix shell, such as piping the results of queries out to external programs (grep, more, etc.), expanding variables, redirecting output to files, command line editing, tab-completion of object names, and more.


This release adds the ability to manage (add/remove/delete/edit/list) connection information to make managing of complex database environments easier, the ability to redirect the output of one session to another session, and a facility to execute prepared SQL or stored procedures using data contained in CSV files (similar to mail-merge in a word processor). Finally, it includes a number of critical bugfixes over version 1.1.

URL: SourceForge.net: jsqsh home