The goal of Hilbert II, which is in the tradition of Hilbert's program, is the creation of a system that enables a working mathematician to put theorems and proofs (in the formal language of predicate calculus) into it. These proofs are automatically verified by a proof checker. Because this system is not centrally administered and enables references to any location on the Internet, a world wide mathematical knowledge base could be built. It also contains information in "common mathematical language".

The icon for QEDEQ module status display now has different colors to represent different stages. Errors and warnings are visualized by decorator icons. Modules which are in progress are represented by animated icons. The clover and findbugs tools were updated. Process synchronization and process control were reorganized. This work is not finished yet, but nearly all module status changes are now caused by plugins. The process view shows more detail, and the chances for user interrupts were increased

Hilbert II – Freecode

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