Citrus is a test framework written in Java that enables automated integration testing of message-based enterprise SOA applications. The tool can easily simulate surrounding systems across various transports and protocols (e.g. JMS, SOAP WebServices, HTTP, TCP/IP, etc.) in order to perform end-to-end use case testing. Citrus provides strong validation mechanisms for XML message contents and allows you to build complex testing logic such as sending and receiving messages, database validation, automatic retries, variable definitions, dynamic message contents, error simulation, and many more.

This release introduces a new Java domain specific language for writing tests with Java code only. Also new is the citrus-ssh module, which connects to servers via the SSH protocol. Several extensions have been added to the validation capabilities, like XHTML support and SOAP fault detail validation. There are some bugfixes

Citrus Testframework – Freecode

Citrus Testframework 1.3-0406_citrus-testframework_1.3.png