Audible TTS reads text aloud from other apps, the clipboard, or from text files. It can get text from applications such as Feedme or K9-Mail, the clipboard (using Copy and Paste), or from files on the MicroSD card. It also reads each sentence using the proper language and voice in mixed texts, without having to select it manually. You must have installed a voice synthesizer (such as PICO or SVOX) and voices for the languages ​​to be used. It currently supports German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.

This release adds Polish support, new iconography, new options (Go to, Share this App, Rate on Play, Go to Blog, and Other Apps). It has reordered preferences, reorganized times for Quick Start, and Speech rate and Voice Pitch. It fixes an error when a message with no subject is passed, verification if a body starts with a title when the body is shorter than the title, not loading new dictionaries when language settings have been changed, and pipe ignore. It adds some Spanish words to the dictionary

Audible TTS

Audible TTS 0.6.3-0329_audible-tts_0.6.3.png