OpenSearchServer is a stable, high-performance search engine and a suite of high-powered full text search algorithms. Documents can be indexed in sixteen languages. Multi-lingual analyzers slice sentences into words, then run lemmatisation algorithms on words based on the document's language. Numerous document formats are supported, such as XML, HTML/XHTML, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, RTF, OpenOffice, plain text, MP3/4, Ogg, FLAC, etc. The Web interface, built around the Zkoss framework, provides an easy way to manage OSS. The integration is fast using the PHP client or the API (XML over HTTP). The crawlers of OpenSearchServer go through Web sites, file systems, and databases to rapidly and easily build your index.

This release fixes a few issues from the previous release candidate. It is now possible to decide whether all the content of the RSS feed is indexed in only one document or if each item is indexed individually as one document in the index. The refresh action in the runtime/system tab panel no longer changes the selected tab. The failover mechanism in the parser is protected against infinite loops. In case of a parsing error, every kind of error is reported.


OpenSearchServer 1.4-rc2-0219_opensearchserver_1.4-beta-4.png