Tournament Pool and Bracket Tracker contains everything you need to run a tournament pool. It supports small groups or organizations who wish to provide an NCAA basketball tournament pool without a lot of administrative work in calculating up-to-date results and possibilities. Though it was built with the NCAA tournament in mind, it should be able to handle most other sport tournament pools. Once a tournament is underway, users can keep track of their progress as the administrator for a tournament updates the results of games. Pool adminstrators can choose from many different scoring systems.

New this release is support for new technologies such as Java 6, Tomcat 7, and secured email servers with Java Mail support. New ways to administrate your pools are added with multi-level groups, multiple tie breakers, alphabetized team names, and the ability to plug-in automatic game updates with scores. It is easier for players to add their brackets and to see who is guaranteed to beat each bracket. Tournaments are archived only after 1 week has passed

Tournament Pool and Bracket Tracker

Tournament Pool and Bracket Tracker 0.6.1-0322_tournament-pool-bracket-tracker_0.6.1.png