Claros inTouch is an AJAX Web mail, instant messenger, address book, and note taker application. The main features are drag and drop support, background attachment uploading, built-in Bayesian spam protection that can identify junk mail on the fly, folder support for the POP3 protocol, compatibility with any POP3/IMAP and SMTP server, operating system independence, support for sending HTML email, and full MIME compatibility. It also features a unique AJAX instant messenger that is capable of talking with a Jabber server.


The UI was improved. A preference window was added. More languages were added. Internet Explorer compatibility problems were fixed. POP3 mode was re-engineered. List titles were fixed. Attachment handling and the drag-drop system were improved. Message headers are now shown correctly. Message arrived (sound) notification was added. A paging system was introduced. Inline HTML messages are now shown correctly. A HTML sanitizer was added to prevent hacking. An address book was added. A chat module was added. Performance was improved. Less system resources are used.