JMapper Framework is a java bean to java bean mapper, allows you to perform the passage of data dinamically with annotations and / or XML.
With JMapper you can:
  • create and enrich target objects
  • apply a specific logic to the mapping
  • automatically manage the XML file
  • implement the 1 to N and N to 1 relationships
  • implement explicit conversions
  • apply inherited configurations

the most important feature is the ease of use

Java Code:
class Destination{                      class Source{
    private String id;                      private String id;
    private String destinationField;        private String sourceField;
    private String other;                   private String other;

    // getters and setters...               // getters and setters...
}                                       }
Java Code:
Source source = new Source("id", "sourceField", "other");

JMapper mapper = new JMapper(Destination.class, Source.class);

Destination destination = (Destination) mapper.getDestination(source);
Java Code:
destination ["id", "sourceField", null]
for more info: jmapper-framework - Elegance, high performance and robustness all in one java bean mapper - Google Project Hosting