Babylon Java Chat is a client and server combo that allows groups to chat and draw over any TCP/IP connection. The client can be run either as a standalone Java application or as an applet launched from a WWW document. It features public and private chatting and drawing, email, file transfers, chat rooms, instant and answering-machine style messaging, and console paging. The drawing canvas enables users to draw freehand, or to create lines, rectangles, ovals, or fonted text, or to paste images from files.


This release adds file transfers between users, email sending via the chat server, the ability for the applet client to operate fully as a signed applet (all features enabled, such as sending and saving files and images), the ability for the drawing canvas to be saved as JPEG, GIF, and PNG files (as well as bitmap), more reliable disconnection detection (both client and server), scrollbars if the drawing canvas is larger than the visible area, and reorganized source code, with ANT building and JavaDoc documentation.

URL: Babylon Chat