The goal of Hilbert II, which is in the tradition of Hilbert's program, is the creation of a system that enables a working mathematician to put theorems and proofs (in the formal language of predicate calculus) into it. These proofs are automatically verified by a proof checker. Because this system is not centrally administered and enables references to any location on the Internet, a world wide mathematical knowledge base could be built. It also contains information in "common mathematical language".

The context menu of text area fields include now "find": one can search for strings. The initial window size for text viewing was optimized; now the window should fit the screen more likely. Various test classes and tests were added. The test coverage percentage is now at 78.6%. A positive side effect was the discovery of some minor bugs, which were directly fixed. A few formal proofs were added to qedeq_formal_logic_v1.xml

Hilbert II

Hilbert II 0.04.05-0211_hilbert_0.04.05.png