Tigase Server is a lightweight and scalable Jabber/XMPP server. No third party libraries are needed. For services with very high load and a huge number of users, it can be deployed on as many machines as needed.


Reduced resource consumption, improved performance, and a new, smart caching system. The Bosh component is now stable and ready for production. Dynamic roster support was added. Configuration wizards are provided on MS Windows through a new initial property file, which also supports parameter types. Support for multi-core and multi-CPU systems was improved. An MSN gateway (transport) based on the excellent Java MSN Messenger Library is available in tigase-extras. SQL Server support was added,. SSL certificate loading from PEM files is available in tigase-extras. There were many other minor changes, improvements, and bugfixes.

URL: tigase.org | Open Source and Free (GPLv3) Jabber/XMPP environment.