jtvmaker is a Web slideshow generator and album generator. It can turn a group of selected JPEG, MP3 (optional), and lyric (optional) files into a JavaScript slideshow page, an applet slideshow page, a gallery page, or a stand-alone slideshow application. The slideshow plays background MP3s through Quicktime/WMP in JavaScript or jlayer in an applet. Lyric displaying, fading, wiping, and Ken Burns transitions are available in the applet and standalone application. A video can be generated with the help of mencoder.


The user can now add annotation text and URL links on each photo from the GUI. Thumbnails of images were added in the GUI. A slideshow can be previewed from the GUI now. All configuration can now be loaded and saved in a slideshow project file. Several minor bugs were fixed and messy code was removed. All planned features were implemented.

URL: SlidePlay