JamochaMUD offers Unicode, plug-in, and multi-language support (8 different languages) to allow a more enjoyable MUCKing/MUDding experience. It features command history, synchronized window controls, experimental SOCKS 5 support, and greatly improved ANSI colour support. It plays nice on Unix systems, supports a wide range of MU*s, and also includes emulation of some TinyFugue editor controls. JamochaMUD includes classes that may be easily reused in other Java applications.


JamochaMUD will now give users a small overview of new additions and changes to the most recent version of JMUD. Command history can now be viewed using a combination of Shift+Up/Down-arrow keys, similar to a command shell. This version of JamochaMUD also features small code improvements.

URL: The Officious JamochaMUD page! (Updated Thursday March 06 2008 at 6:15pm)