JRemote Control is a simple Bluetooth remote control. It allows you to initiate virtually any task on your PC from a J2ME enabled device. The server is fully configurable via an XML configuration file to allow you to choose how to map tasks on your PC to remote device commands. Commands are organized in contexts. Configuration is synchronized to the client when it connects. It could be used to assign the mobile phone "1" key the command to start your favorite media player, the "2" key to move to the next track, and so on. Both commands could be organized in a "Media Player" context.


System Tray icons that work on Windows and Linux were added. The icon shows the server's state (not running, running in listen mode, or client connected). A "Minimize on Tray" configuration item was added along with a "Suppress server output (including command stdout/stderr) if GUI is minimized)" item. The Linux scripts were revised.

URL: SourceForge.net: JRemoteControl