Open Blue Lab is a modular ERP, built on a plugin architecture. Each business domain (such as Groupware, Financial, HCM, PLM, or SCM) is separated into subdomains which are implemented through plugins. This architecture permits you to choose only the components that suit your needs. Each plugin is certified Zero Code, configurable through a GUI, and may be adapted through the UML models provided.


This version is the beginning of the new tools used to simplify OBL's model management. The feature used to see the pivot directly from a REF file or to generate the portal has been improved. The Web browser configured in the Eclipse preferences is now used. A tool was added for REF files to validate and to compute dependencies. The editor was improved. Meta-information now can be added to a class and to an operation. The concept of abstract class was added. Some automatic normalization has been added to elements. Operations are now generated in the PIVOT format.

URL: OpenBlueLab - ERP open source