HBCI4Java is a Java library for the HBCI home banking interface. It supports almost all aspect of the HBCI versions 2.01, 2.1, 2.2, HBCI+ and FinTS-3.0 (with PIN/TAN support). Its API is very application-oriented, so no knowledge about HBCI is required. The HBCI client package can be used to develop applications using HBCI features. The HBCI server package can be used to develop your own HBCI servers. This may be useful for credit institutes or software developers who want to setup their own HBCI test server.


An ugly message engine bug that caused problems when using multiple different HBCI accounts was fixed. The code was improved to detect supported PIN/TAN methods (some users could not select iTAN - this should be working now).

URL: HBCI4Java - Open-Source HBCI-Client- und Server-Bibliothek für Java