Restlet is a REST framework for Java. It natively supports all REST concepts (Resource, Representation, Connector, Component, etc.) and is suitable for both client and server Web applications. It supports major Web standards like HTTP, SMTP, XML, JSON, WADL, and Atom. Many extensions are also available to integrate with Servlet, Spring, Jetty, Grizzly, Simple, JAXB, JiBX, Velocity, or FreeMarker.


A Spring XML loading issue related to validation in the SpringContext class was fixed along with a bug with the FileClientHelper returning the wrong list of variants, a bug in the Tag.equals() implementation, and a NPE in the WAR client of the Servlet extension. An exception with Simple connector when flushing a closed stream was caught and is logged at a lower priority. A synchronization issue was fixed in the Template class. The logging level was lowered for some Simple IO exceptions. JSON JAR was updated to the latest version.An open BufferedReader was closed in the IdentClient class. FreeMarker was updated to version 2.3.12.

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