Hello, I wasn't sure where to go with this and didn't know who to ask....so please forgive me if this isn't the right place.

Earlier tonight, I was prompted to update Java to "Java 6.0.35"...which I did. My understanding is that it was for security purposes to deal with a recent malware exploit.

Once I updated Java and proceeded to open my Firefox web browser.....there was a new tab that appeared that basically asked me to add the "Java Console 6.0.35 Add On".

For some reason and without thinking, I mindlessly closed that tab....and just as I was closing it, I realized that the box to tickmark in order to add the Java Console 6.0.35 add on was NOT tickmarked! I've since checked, and it is not included among my Firefox Add Ons, and I've spent a good amount of searching for the add on myself so that I could download and install it.....but so far, I'm having absolutely no luck. I can't seem to find that Firefox extension anywhere!

So my question is....how can I go about adding this particular extension (Java Consolde 6.0.35) for Firefox to my browser?