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    Default iText 2.0.4

    iText is a library that contains classes to generate documents in the Portable Document Format (PDF), XML, HTML, and RTF. It can also parse XML documents and convert them into any of these formats. Pages of existing PDF files can be imported and copied to new PDF documents.


    The main reason for this release is the move from CVS to SVN on SourceForge. This release also brings some minor bugfixes and enhancements, but the changes in this release are not as drastic as the changes in iText 2.0.3.

    URL: iText, a Free Java-PDF Library: Home Page

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    Default java.lang.RuntimeException: only FONT/SIZE/UNDERLINE/SUPERSCRIPT supported

    i am creating a pdf using iText-2.1.4.jar...... its working fine for my linux fedora os .....but its giving following exception in case of other Linux OS

    12:29:08,501 ERROR [STDERR] java.lang.RuntimeException: only FONT/SIZE/UNDERLINE/SUPERSCRIPT supported
    12:29:08,501 ERROR [STDERR] at com.lowagie.text.pdf.PdfGraphics2D.doAttributes(Pd
    12:29:08,501 ERROR [STDERR] at com.lowagie.text.pdf.PdfGraphics2D.drawString(PdfG
    12:29:08,501 ERROR [STDERR] at org.compiere.print.layout.TableElement.printColumn (
    12:29:08,501 ERROR [STDERR] at org.compiere.print.layout.TableElement.paint(Table
    12:29:08,501 ERROR [STDERR] at org.compiere.print.layout.Page.paint( )
    12:29:08,501 ERROR [STDERR] at org.compiere.print.layout.LayoutEngine.print(Layou
    12:29:08,501 ERROR [STDERR] at org.compiere.pdf.Document.writePDF( 9)
    12:29:08,501 ERROR [STDERR] at org.compiere.pdf.Document.getPDFAsArray(Document.j ava:95)
    12:29:08,501 ERROR [STDERR] at org.compiere.print.ReportEngine.createPDFData(Repo
    12:29:08,501 ERROR [STDERR] at org.adempiere.webui.window.ZkReportViewer.jbInit(Z
    12:29:08,502 ERROR [STDERR] at org.adempiere.webui.window.ZkReportViewer.<init>(Z
    12:29:08,502 ERROR [STDERR] at org.adempiere.webui.window.ZkReportViewerProvider. openViewer(
    12:29:08,502 ERROR [STDERR] at org.compiere.print.ReportCtl.preview(ReportCtl.jav a:253)

    is it due to Graphics Problem ? please clarify??

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    How to create or generate Macro PDF417 using iText library class Barcode PDF417?

    i.e whether iText library support this Macro PDF417 or not?
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