MQ Visual Browse allows users to view messages in a queue of a WebSphere MQ (formally MQSeries) queue manager and presents the data in a simplified format similar to a database utility or spreadsheet program. It is designed for application programmers, JMS developers, quality assurance testers, and production support personnel who do not need message editing capabilities. It can run on any platform that supports Java v1.4 (or higher). It can connect to local queue managers or to any remote queue manager.


This release adds 3 new columns to the main windows when displaying MQMD: MsgIdInHex, CorreldInHex, and GroupIdInHex. It adds a new feature called Search MQMD under the MQMD menu item. The Search MQMD feature supports searching on the following MQMD fields: MsgID, CorrelID, GroupID, UserID, Appl Id Data, Appl Origin Data, and Format. It adds a gutter/line number column and a status line to the Raw Data tabs of the Message Edit window. It adds copy and find commands for the Hex Data and EBCDIC Data tabs of the Message Edit window. It adds 3 new stand-alone Tools: Hex Converter, Hex Editor, and XML Editor.

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