Onzen is a graphical front end for the CVS, SVN, HG and Git revision control systems. It represents the files managed by the RCS in a tree view with detailed information and offers functions to update, commit, add, remove, rename, revert, diff, view files, and many more functions.


This release adds sort buttons to the tests list. The patches dialog is non-modal. Search has been added to the revision tree view. The function "update all" has been added. A function has been added to remove trailing whitespaces and convert TABs. A file find function and shell menu have been added. Check-out repository has been implemented. Git support has been started. Ctlr-C in the tree list copies a filename to the clipboard. Creating a new repository has been implemented. There is a dialog to show outgoing changes (hg). The message widget in rename/remove dialogs has been fixed. Improved documentation; creation of PDF files.