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    Default Obba: A Java Object Handler for Spreadsheets (Excel and OpenOffice) - New Version 3.0

    Obba provides a bridge between spreadsheets and Java objects.

    With Obba, you can use spreadsheets as GUIs for your Java libraries; turning your Java library to platform independent spreadsheet add-ins or, alternatively, turning your spreadsheet to a GUI/TestSuit of you Java code.

    Compatible with Excel/Windows, OpenOffice/Win/Mac/Linux, LibreOffice/Win/Mac/Linux, NeoOffice/Mac.

    Obbas main features are:
    • Statefull access to almost all objects and methods running in a Java virtual machine via a fixed set of spread sheet functions.
    • Client/server support: The Java virtual machine providing the add-in may run on the same computer or a remote computer - without any change to the spreadsheet.
    • Loading of arbitrary jar or class files at runtime through a spreadsheet function.
    • Instantiation of Java objects, storing the object reference under a given object label.
    • Invocation of methods on objects referenced by their object handle, storing the handle to the result under a given object label.
    • Asynchronous method invocation and tools for synchronization, turning your spreadsheet into a multi-threaded calculation tool.
    • Allows arbitrary number of arguments for constructors or methods (avoids the limitation of the number of arguments for Excel worksheet functions).
    • Serialization and de-serialization (save Serializable objects to a file, restore them any time later).
    • All this through spreadsheet functions, without any additional line of code (no VBA needed, no additional Java code needed).

    For a tutorial see Obba tutorial. In this tutorial you create a Java class and a spreadsheet to fetch Stock quotes from

    For a more detailed introduction see Obba documentation and Obba home page.

    Version 3.0.7 of Obba is a major revision and brings support for running the Java virtual machine references in the spreadsheet on a different machine.
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