Cura is a mobile phone application based on the Android platform. It is a bundle of remote systems administration tools targeted mainly at sysadmins. When in the hands of a sysadmin, Cura will provide a personal terminal emulator with full Bash (bourne-again shell) capabilities. It allows for adding favorite commands (ssh, top, uname, uptime, cat /proc/cpuinfo, dmidecode, etc.). It gives you access to the most powerful port/vulnerability-scanning and penetration-testing tools (Nessus, Nmap, and Wireshark), a system monitor (graph-based chart) that watches for CPU consumption and memory usage, and a system log viewer that reads logs directly from your server's /var/log/. Geolocation (with the help of Google maps) will be able to extract the location of the server you'll be logged into and display it in key areas where necessary.


The security feature has been enhanced to include Phone messaging. When a user whose phone has been comprised sends an SMS message to said phone, Cura's database will be deleted and now, a message will be sent back to whatever number the user specified in Cura's settings, informing the user of the culprits location.