Fuseki is a server that provides access to the SPARQL 1.1 standard. SPARQL is a W3C query language for RDF data on the Semantic Web. It forms a part of the Jena semantic web project. Fuseki provides the REST-style SPARQL HTTP Update, and SPARQL Query and SPARQL Update using the SPARQL protocol over HTTP. The SPARQL standards are works-in-progress by the SPARQL working group and while the general designs are stable, details may change. Fuseki will track the draft standards.


Switches from JSPs to Velocity. Adds a servlet filter that processes Accept-Encoding. Adds a general purpose SPARQL processor servlet. The XSLT stylesheet for SPARQL XML results now puts clickable links in the results. A new option --timeout adds a timeout to all query executions. Splits logging into 2 loggers: general messages and per-request messages.

URL:Apache Jena - Fuseki: serving RDF data over HTTP