p-unit is a framework for unit testing and performance benchmarking. As a unit test, it can run with a single thread or multiple threads against the same test code. p-unit has an executor pool which can accelerate the execution speed dramatically. As a perforamnce test framework, it records memory consumption and execution time, and generates results in the form of plain text, image, and PDF file. Users can also easily register their own reporters by implementing the p-unit event listener.


Executor pool p-unit accelerates the execution speed by using executor pool, which fully takes advantage of hardware, especially multi-core machines. You can use annotation to identify the test method and expected exception, i.e. @Test(expected = NullPointerException.class, checkMethod = "checkAdd"). Check Method has been added, and is especially useful for concurrent testing. After executing a test method, p-unit invokes the corresponding check method if available. The name convention is "check_" prefix. You can also use @Test(checkMethod) to mark the check method.

URL: p-unit - An open source framework for performance benchmark and unit test