Azzyzt JEE Tools is a set of Eclipse plugins for creating a so-called "azzyzted" project, and for creating code from a model. Azzyzt uses Java JPA entities as a model, and from that model it creates an enterprise application, ready to be deployed in a Java EE 6 application server like GlassFish 3.1, ready to be accessed via CORBA, SOAP, and REST. Thus the generated application is a set of Web services, providing all that you need in a typical CRUD application. Generated enterprise applications have separate source folders for generated and developer-supplied content. You can add your own functionality to a well-engineered base project. Azzyzt JEE Tools is not about user interfaces. It is expected that the generated application is accessed by a RIA frontend or by a fat client.


This is a release with neither functional changes nor bugfixes. It just brings Azzyzt JEE Tools to the current versions of GlassFish and Eclipse. It has been built and tested with Eclipse Indigo SR2, GlassFish 3.1.2, and Java 1.6.0_31.

URL: Azzyzt JEE Tools