GoAnywhere Services allows trading partners and employees to securely connect to your organization and easily download or upload files. Popular file transfer and encryption standards are supported without the need for proprietary client software. It supports FTP, SFTP, FTPS, HTTP, and HTTPS, provides a pure Web client for simple file transfers, includes event triggers based on user-defined conditions, generates detailed audit logs and alert messages, provides trading partners with account wizards and permission controls, features an intuitive browser-based interface for remote administration and monitoring, and requires no programming or special skills.


With the addition of a Secure Mail Ad-Hoc file transfer module, users can send packages, regardless of file types or sizes, to trading partners by emailing a secure link that recipients will use to download the files via a secure HTTPS connection. Network administrators maintain local control over the Secure Mail settings, packages, and audit trails. Senders receive notice when the files have been downloaded and can add additional passwords, link expiration dates, and more. This release also includes other enhancements including self-registration, auto-blacklist, and password notifications.

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