recls is a multi-platform recursive filesystem searching library. It presents a C API with mappings to C++, COM, D, Java, Python, and Ruby.


This release adds numLinks and numRelativeDirectoryParts members to recls_entryinfo_t, a RECLS_F_LINK_COUNT flag, Recls_GetErrno(), Recls_ResultCodeToUnixErrorCode(), Recls_ResultCodeToWindowsErrorCode(), and 64-bit compatibility (currently Windows-only), removes the RECLS_RC_WRONG_ENTRY_TYPE status code, adds RECLS_RC_ENTRY_IS_DIRECTORY and RECLS_RC_ENTRY_IS_NOT_DIRECTORY, fixes RECLS_FAILED() (C-definition) and Recls_Stat(), copes with a search directory surrounded by quotes, adds a GCC 4.5+4.6 makefile, is bundled with shwild 0.9.19 and xTests 0.16.2, and depends on STLSoft 1.9.111.

URL: Recursive ls