CI-Eye is a powerful continuous integration build radiator requiring no installation and almost no set-up. CI-Eye talks to many different CI servers through their REST APIs (so no plug-ins are required). Currently, support is offered for Hudson, Jenkins, and TeamCity. CI-Eye runs as a standalone Web application.


This release upgrades guava to 11.0, gson to 2.0, jquery to 1.7.1, and commons-io to 2.1 to provide many bugfixes and performance improvements. A better startup message is written to stdout, and better analysis of green jenkins jobs is performed, so this release always gets the start time of the latest build. Sound effects have been added for doh moments. The CSS media type for controlling desktop-mode has been removed in favor of a fly-out menu in the top-right corner controlling both desktop and silent modes. A major reworking of the ant build.xml script was carried out to remove duplication.